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We have a huge collection of paint by numbers. OR you can simply customize and personalize your own.
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1 product

While they are definitely not the most beautiful animals or the ones that are kept closest as pets there is no denying the undeniable charm of chimps and monkeys. Being our close ancestors and also serving as a constant source of entertainment they are amazingly cute and fantastic animals and are well-loved throughout and through these paint by number kits you too will be able to capture the magic of a chimp or monkey through an amazing painting. You can look through the large collection of best paint by number kits that we hold and find one particular design that you love and would like to see come to life at your own hands. There are a lot of designs of the chimp and monkey variety available and through our signature paint by numbers canvas you too will be able to go through and make some of the best paintings in the world. The kits simplify the entire process which would otherwise be certainly difficult and allow everyone to easily get into the hobby of painting. Pick one up today and let your entire spirit run free and create some beautiful works of art through these fantastic kits and pick a design that suits you. Each kit contains high quality painting materials which include multiple colors of paint, a canvas with instructions on it and high-quality brushes to make sure you can bring to life any painting that you wish in the best way possible.