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Easy as 1,2,3

Paint by number or color by numbers for adults and kids are kits having a numbered section on the canvas to better guide the aspiring artist through the process of painting.

It is a very therapeutic process and can increase self-confidence, as well as  improve motor skills. It’s also proven to increase concentration and helps a lot with relaxation of the mind and of the body. We provide high quality canvas and paint brushes and we have one of the biggest library of canvas by number kits for adults.

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Enjoy a brief brain break and use our unique canvas to enjoy your colourful artistic creativity that paint by numbers brings to you. Beautiful Variety of paint by number for adults and kids alike. Just match the numbers and paint. We have a great series of painting kits and customised paint by numbers canvas. Just use the paint brushes and get started.

Mindfulness Painting is the process of creating and the moment of NOW using paint, paper and brushes.  It is a creative practice of leaning to focus and meditate on the moment.  With your brush in hand, the practice allows you to open more to presence, spaciousness mindfulness. It is a form of relaxation with no focus on the frustration of not painting well. With the numbers, 

Painting techniques are not necessary. Simply relax, follow the process and bring your openness to discovery, and admire your masterpiece once done.

In a typical painting lesson I will focus on methods and techniques to achieve a result. The purpose will be to identify and practice formal painting skills. But in mindfulness the painting skill or techniques are not important. What counts is the process of creating.

Colouring expressively in a manner that is guided not only by color but also by the  lines displayed on the canvas is the path to mindful creation.

The second key point to his is the emotional state that you put yourself into when you are creating these art pieces is to relax more. You could become absorbed into the moment of now, forgetting any negative particular thoughts or concerns that you may have experienced. This calm state can be compared to meditation and anxiety slowly fades away. The inner chatter falls silent.

Painting is fun


Paint by numbers.The phrase probably rings an old dusty bell in your head. It might remind you of something you did as a child, or maybe you actually did do paint by numbers as a kid.

While many artists may shun the idea of painting by numbers, they're a fantastic way to both reduce anxiety and help you paint gorgeous works of art. Even if you've never stepped foot into an art classroom, these kits allow you to create something you'll be proud to show off.

In this blog post, we'll go over what paint by numbers kits for adults are, give a brief history and discuss some of the benefits of using them.

Read on for more information on this rewarding past time.

The History of Paint by Numbers Kits

Paint by numbers has often been frowned upon in the artistic world. This is because many people feel they discourage creativity, and encourage the use of painting by rote. Painting, the naysayers state, is a creative process. Therefore, you cannot number the sections and then tell people where to paint.

However, Leonardo da Vinci would disagree, and that's who the idea itself comes from.

Paint by numbers kits were invented in 1950 by Dan Robbins.

Robbins invented the kits after he was hired on to work at Palmer Show Card Paint Company, where he first worked as an illustrator for children's books.

But after a period of time, the company's founder, Max Klein, told Robbins he wanted him to come up with a way to sell more paint.

A creative thinker, Robbins came up with the paint by numbers kit, a hobby which would force people

What are Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults?

Paint by numbers is a relatively simple concept. You purchase the outline of a painting that is sectioned off, each given a corresponding number. You'll then be given paints with numbers on the top of each pot within the kit.

You then fill in the areas with the corresponding paint number on each section. Once you're finished, you'll have a gorgeous work of art to display.

Paint by numbers kits can vary in their difficulty. You can purchase kits for children that only have a handful of colours and not too much detail. You can also purchase similar ones for adults to keep your projects basic and simple. There's no shame in that, it can be a fun way to pass the time.

You can also purchase paint by numbers kits for adults that are quite complex. Have you always wanted to copy a Renoir or a Monet? A paint by numbers kit of one of their works can help you achieve that dream. Once you're finished, you can hang it on your wall and truthfully tell your visitors that you painted it.

"Every Man a Rembrandt"

That was the tagline for the first paint by numbers kits. But the actual kits were inspired, as we previously mentioned, by none other than Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci had created a system when he taught painting that revolved around numbering specific areas of the canvas. His students were often given these rudimentary "paint by numbers" kits as a way to learn how to paint.

He also sometimes used this method as a way to turn out art more quickly, mostly for his lesser important works.

Robbins then set to work, tracing famous works of art and then numbering each section with the corresponding shade; no doubt, a painstaking challenge. Then, he would copy the numbered pages off, fill in the specific paint colours and off the kits would go.

While many artists of the time criticized it as not being true art, Robbins felt a bit differently. He did agree that these painting kits are not art in themselves, but they do give each person the experience of art. As such, someone with no experience can paint something that looks amazing without even having to step into an art class.

That, he said, was a unique gift he was giving to people. And, in reality, Robbins was right. Colouring books and painting by numbers are both fabulous ways to not only express creativity but reduce stress.

Let's discuss some of the benefits below.

Why Adults Love Paint by Numbers:

The Art Experience

There are plenty of people who would love to paint. But, due to being too busy or unable to afford it, they may forego their lessons. As such, they find themselves feeling artistically stunted and wishing to create, but lacking the skills or tools necessary to do so.

With paint by numbers kits, anyone can turn that desire into reality. You won't need to buy an expensive canvas and expensive brushes just to mess up and have to purchase a new one. And you won't have to sit on YouTube for hours trying to teach yourself to draw or paint.

Instead, you'll get a full kit that's ready to go when you are. You'll have everything you need to paint something gorgeous. And no matter your skill level, you'll be positive it will turn out well because you've been given an expert guide in the form of the paint by numbers kit.

It Reduces Anxiety & They Give You an Instant House Decoration

8.2 million people in the United Kingdom suffer from diagnosable anxiety. But, a large portion of people likely suffers from milder forms. Additionally, almost anyone can feel situational anxiety, where they worry about the state of the world, their families, their job and anything else around them.

Paint by numbers kits are an excellent way to help manage anxiety. While they're not a cure for the disorder, they can be an effective tool to help control it.

If you're finding you feel your life is often out of control, or you're scared about what's going to happen next in life, a paint by numbers kit can be grounding and keep you focused on something besides what's troubling you.

Using the kit allows you to become present and focused on the moment. You can use the time to keep all of your attention on the paint by numbers kit, instead of using it to worry about something that's beyond your control.

The kit can give you a few hours each day, until you finish, a sense of purpose and a way to completely escape from the world around you.

Looking to spruce up your house but don't want to add the same old house decor everyone else has? Are you tired of the identical IKEA prints most people's homes seem to have?

The good news is, you don't have to follow that trend. In fact, you can make your own art by using paint by numbers. As we've stated in this article, you don't even need previous experience to create a gorgeous piece of art that is worthy of being hung up in your home!

Helps with Fine Motor Skills and Aids in Preventing Dementia

As we get older, we begin to lose some of the control over the fine motor skills we once had. Many people also begin to lose some of their cognitive functions, especially as they become more prone to developing Alzheimer's and dementia.

While there currently is no cure for neither Alzheimer's or dementia, there is a wide range of things you can do for yourself that doctors believe may help protect against it. Working on your fine motor skills is one, and another is doing art, whether it be drawing, painting or sculpting.

Keeping the mind engaged in an artistic way is a great way to work to stave off these diseases, to keep you healthier in your old age.

They're also a great project for many people in retirement to work on to help keep themselves busy and combat depression and loneliness.

Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults: They're Fun and Beneficial

Paint by numbers kits for adults are fun, creative and beneficial when it comes to helping stave off dementia and keeping fine motor skills in balance.

They also make unique and fun gifts, especially if you create a paint by numbers kit based on a picture you've taken. You can then create a completely new piece of art that no one's ever done before.

Have a look at some of our featured kits and see if anything strikes your fancy!