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50 Fun easy Things To Paint For Beginners

Like many worthwhile things, it can be difficult knowing where to begin your painting journey can be tough – there’s so much to learn and just as many different ways of to learn it. Starting out, everyone starts out on an even playing field – everyone that can paint well has built their skills over time. We understand that this may require some patience, but we all have to start somewhere, right? We have handcrafted a list of easy things to paint will hopefully give you some guidance for your first few steps into the wonderful, artful world of painting.

Now that you’ve decided to start painting, where to begin... Do you work on your brushwork or your brushwork? Your landscapes or your portraits? To be honest, there is no right or wrong way to begin. It boils down to whatever it is that you want to paint, and how you want to paint it.

That being said, we have gathered a few tips and tricks that will help you get started and begin developing the skills that will likely stay with you throughout your artistic career.

What Makes A Painting ‘Easy’?

Just like the term ‘art’, the modifier ‘easy’ is a little subjective but for the sake of getting you started, let’s say that it can be a question of shape (an apple is a far simpler shape an apple tree) or of detail (cartoons or abstract paintings require a different set of skills than more realistic works of art).

The technique is another barrier that beginners need to get used to. For instance, starting with a set of acrylic paints and a jar of water will be much less intimidating than having to navigate turpentine, Liquin and the various other chemicals required to get into oil painting. It’s the age-old ‘walk before you can run’ trope.

It is for this reason that our list is made up of only acrylic painting ideas – it’s the perfect medium for those that are just starting out. Combine this with simple shapes or the blueprint of a paint by numbers, and you might find that this painting lark isn’t quite so insurmountable after all.

Before we get started our list for beginner painters, here are a few prompts for when the inspiration hits you:

  • Your own repeat pattern
  • Your childhood home
  • A vintage car
  • A mystical creature
  • A shoe
  • A fruit basket
  • An ornament
  • A funny hat
  • A loved one’s eyes
  • A famous landmark like the Eiffel Tower or Niagara Falls
  • A fish
  • A candle
  • A marble
  • Jewellery
  • An owl
  • Fluffy clouds
  • A haunted house
  • The view from your window
  • Your favourite coffee mug
  • A flower from your garden
  • An item described in your favourite book
  • Your favourite cartoon character
  • An image inspired by your favourite song
  • A carnival
  • Your own storybook scene
  • A spooky scene from a horror movie

Are you looking for more direction as you’re starting out? Here are some great painting ideas that are great for practising your new skills.

Simple & Fun Things To Paint


If you aren’t ready for real-life forms, then abstract is the way to go. One of the best ways to practise various painting skills like your brushwork, shading, blending, accuracy, etc. is painting an abstract work. A unique geometric work can turn into a cool wall decoration or a personalised gift showing off your new hobby.

Coloured Cat

This modern piece of eye-catching art that is not too difficult to paint. With this piece, you can experiment with bright and flashy colour combinations that catch attention. How often have you absently doodled a cat on your notebook in class? Luckily there isn’t much to this painting, and it’s a great practise piece for beginner Picassos.



Abstract Colourful Elephant

Elephants are great practice. There is so much you can do with a sketch of the animal. If you’re looking to unleash some creativity, you can go for a spattering of pastel colours to bring your elephant to life.


Abstract Deer

As our last animal suggestion, deer are great to practise. The horns are strong, reliable focal points that you can empathise with the stroke of your brush. We suggest a cubic pattern where each shape is a different shade. You can fade from one colour to the next and practise your colour blending skills.



A great painting challenge to set for yourself would be to paint your favourite flowers. Blend your own colours and practise your technique with the reliable and steady pattern of your most beloved flower. Whether it be a rose or a sunflower, mastering the painting of flowers is a lovely skill as a painter. You will never struggle to think of a meaningful gift ever again.


Fruit Bowl

Every beginner artist has stood in front of some collection of fruit in their learning of the skill. Whether it’s an extravagant collection of exotic fruits or just one kind of fruit like bunches of berries, painting the vibrant colours of these objects and the things that surround the still life can have great results.

Umbrellas In The Rain

You could create a pretty still that can help convey emotion through your works can be people walking through the rain covered by their colourful umbrellas. You can control the mood of the painting, depending on your colours and tones. You could achieve a gloomy work that makes viewers wonder about the inhabitants of the picture or you can choose bright and cheery colours and make it a hopeful piece – the sky is the limit when it comes to your works of art.

Mythical Creature

We recommend a unicorn to start with – it’s just a horse with an extra appendage after all. From there, there is great fun to be had imagining up dragons and mermaids. Once you’ve mastered a mystical creature or two, you can have some fun creating storybook scenes filled with colour.

An Animal And Flower Mix

A great simple painting idea could be an animal that incorporates flowers into the same piece. For instance, you could paint a peacock with flowers coming from its tail or a cute piglet with a rose in its mouth. This kind of painting lets you mix it up and combine different styles onto one canvas.

A Silhouette

Who said a cool painting could only be produced by master painters? Having a silhouette, let’s you get away with much. All you need is that outline of an animal, building or person and voila. You can focus your energy on a stunning landscape in the background and then pop black silhouettes onto of it to create a layered painting.

Your Bedroom

A great way to practise creating scenes is painting what you know. You’ve likely spent enough time in those four walls that you see the room reasonably often. Go ahead and paint your interpretation of the room and see what you come up with.

A Butterfly Or A Peacock

We suggest these two creatures, specifically as there is a lot of creative freedom. You can paint a peacock’s tail feathers however you want or paint extravagant patterns of a butterfly’s wings. Nothing is stopping your creative flow when it comes to these forms, making it a great place to start.

Your Favourite Place

If you have more than one all the better, paint them all! A gorgeous landscape is great fun and even better practise. As a beginner, you can have free reign and paint however you wish. All you need to do is paint the essence of your favourite spot. Mountains ranges are a great place to start as you won’t need to worry overly much about details.

The Easter Bunny

A bunny is great painting practise and if you’re looking for a well of inspirational symbols, just look toward your favourite holidays. There are many symbols and characters that you can try to recreate. The Easter Bunny is our first choice as it’s a classic and a great way to start a handcrafted calendar or maybe your own greeting cards!

Paint By Numbers

If you are looking to enhance your painting skills without the pressure of sketching out your paining yourself, painting by numbers is a great way to build your technique. Most of the ideas that we have broken down above, we have paint by numbers kits for.

Welcome to the wonderful world of painting! Each of the above ideas can be adjusted and moulded to suit you. The intention was to help spark the inspiration in your inner artist. Remember to walk before you run, and you’ll improve your skills in no time at all. You may even upgrade from acrylics sooner than you think. Keep practising and who knows what will happen.

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