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49 products

Elephants are definitely our friends, they are big hulking beasts but with an undeniable gentleness and love throughout their life and a lot of love for humans. That is why they have now become some of the closest to humans and arguably some of the most elegant animals in the entire animal kingdom despite their large size. Paintings capturing the essence of elephants are rare, however, that a is an issue that you can quickly resolve through these fantastic paints by number kits. Each of the kits contains everything you will need to create a worthwhile and amazing painting where the elephant is the star of the show. Select from a wide range of possible designs which includes several unique ones and the list of designs is regularly and quickly updated to reflect the care put into the entire product. Each of the kits contains a paint by numbers canvas this holds basic and easy to understand instructions that will allow you to easily follow instructions and create amazing paintings from the materials provided. Also included is a large number of paints that will be used and a large number of brushes all of which are of superb and high quality to ensure that you will not be disappointed by the result of your work. Enjoy all of the numbers of paint by number kits and select from a multitude of different styles to find one that appeals the most to you. On top of that, these kits allow you a good point of entry into a fairly complicated hobby space.